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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #199

In a message dated 98-04-12 16:56:55 EDT, Merril Cohen write:

<< That is exactly what I proposed for discussion.  So many people on APD are
 having such difficulties by starting out with so much "stuff" under the
 gravel -- giving themselves the problems that may cause aquatic life to be
 difficult to keep and aquariums winding up empty in the attic or stored in
 the basement.  As Steve pointed out, make it fun!  Make it interesting! 
 Make it easy -- and interest more people into the hobby! >>

I could not agree more on this.  When I first started with aquarium plants I
did everything wrong by this list.  I had may tanks located where they got
direct sun light 3 hours a day.  For substrate I used regular beach sand.
I had plant growth where I was selling plants back to the stores on a regular
bases.  However I had the biggest algea problem imaginable.

Through years I have experimented and found things work good or better
than other things.  For years I used to laugh at the CO2 people since without
it I was thinning my tanks out on monthly bases.  Later I finally tried it and
got sold on it.  But I must say you can still have a great planted aquarium
with less than a $5.00 per gallon investment.  

If your just starting out please keep it simple at first.  If your happy with
results your bast keeping it simple.  If not than add step by step till you
happy with your results.  But be cautious as some steps require close
to keep everything in blance.