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RE: Steve P & nothing on under...........the substrate

Hi all

Thanks Steve for your advise on the lights (Im not replying directly because
I received your e mail at work). I probably lacked detail on my last post,
Im just getting used to e-mail.

To start the lighting system Im looking at is for horticulture, the price
difference between these and aquarium built systems are emense(to say the
least). Two 175 watt MH pendants would cost me at the very least $400.00
American, For $150.00 less I can get one of these systems anywhere from 400
to 1000 watts.

My problem: the reflectors are designed to cover an area of 5'X5', My tank
is 5' long(no problem) but the area covered in width would also be five foot
seems to me to be alot of wasted light.

Question: Do I need more wattage because of this?

BTW my first planted tank was a nothing under tank, one I had kept a pair of
Oscars in for years did really great for a long time as a low tech tank. It
finally gave up to algae though.

Sorry for the long post and thanks Steve, guys I can really use some help
here, O. K. ?

Barry Barlow
bbarlow at camcomp_com