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>For about a year I did nothing for PO4.  Had a lot of beard/brush/hair

>Tried pre-treating my change water but gave up after several months, too
>much of a pain.  I now put a small media bag of Phosguard in my Magnum 350
>charcoal canister and fill the rest with poly floss.  I change this weekly
>with my 20 gallon water change (55 gallon tank).  Since I started using
>this method I've had no problems with beard/brush/hair algae.

I didn't say phosguard wouldn't work... It will.  But it's expensive,
particularly if used in the tank as opposed to pre-filtration.  It also
makes no sense in the (usual) situation where tank water levels are higher
than tap water levels.  

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association