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Bebbetufs, Mangrove roots as always.

Hello APD'ers

Just wanted to tell you that I've used mangrove roots in all my setups
before. These roots are some kind of imported hardwood that is of dark
brown- almost red- colour. They sink without being water soaked.
The wood is that they can stay underwater for many years without rotting.
They hardly colour the water either.
The roots I have are big I think they "steal" close to 70 l. from my tank.

I do not believe that the mangrove roots are the culprits and thus
responsible for my problems.
I've had planted tanks over a period of six years, all with lots of mangrove
roots in them, and my plants have allways looked lovely. The only things
that I don't have any experience of in this case are 1 the 250w MH. lamp,
2 the DIY. co2.

Personally I (now) believe that something happened because of the
combination of all the factors, the fact that I greatly increased the light
intensity, or just an unfortunate turn of events.

I just did a major clean-up of my tank now, and I must say that I'm just a
little bit relieved. It seems like there are more new leaves than dead, for
the first time in months -:) My Vals still look like they suffer though.

I will send new posts in case of any major developments, if I feel anyone
can benefit from my experiences.

Thanks for a nice list! See Ya.

Bebbetufs bebenum at c2i_net