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Re: Can this DIY hood be done or is my thinking wrong?

At 3:48 AM -0400 4/10/98, "Robert NG" <97ngrobe at scar_utoronto.ca> wrote:

>Subject: Can this DIY hood be done or is my thinking wrong?
>Since i dont know much about wiring flourescent fixtures, and i
>want to make my own hood for a 30x12x18high, and i want
>four t-8 bulbs that are 24inches to be fitted into the hood.
>I was wondering if i can do this:
>- -buy a 4 foot, 4 bulb shop light ( i would buy a two foot shop light, but
> i dont think they exist with 4 bulbs)

Only if it is an electronic ballast that does not care about bulb length -
in a shoplight, it's going to be a cheap tar, iron, and wire ballast. Tar,
iron, and wire ballasts need to be specified for bulb length, diameter and
wattage. Electronic ballasts are constant current sources and they regulate
the current to get the necessary voltage to fire different length bulbs,
they need to be specified for bulb diameter, and you should make sure the
bulb length is within their acceptable range. GO to http://www.grainger.com
or Home base and check out the electronic ballasts.

>- -exchange the ballast to one that can run my desired configs of light
> i want
>- -take everything out of the shoplight and reassemble it into the
> DIY hood
>- -rearrange the endcaps that were previously 4foot apart in the shop   light
>and  fit it two feet apart under my DIY hood
>- -add a power cord instead of wiring it into the wall
>Is this a possible way to do this or is there something wrong with my
>idea, if you know anything about this, please help me, the more
>i get in reply the more i will understand..........THANKS

Buy the ballast and the plastic bulb sockets. Build the rest.


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