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Ammonia/substrate THANKS!

Thanks for all the replies on my question about ammonia smell in my
substrate. I'm still a bit confused but much less worried. I have replaced
the sandblasting sand and now have sand from a near by creek bank in its

When I started taking the old substrate out I also found much of the sand as
packed tight and came out in clumps. Even though I had washed and washed
this stuff before I used it. The brand name is "The Scruggs Company"   #3
sandblasting sand. I would recommend anyone stay away from this! Is says it
contains silca sand but I dont think that is all it contains. Again thanks
for the info.

Also I wanted to say I know that I sent the last message in HTML and it was
a mistake. I have my email set to send plain text to this list but I hit the
wrong button when I sent it. 8^) Seems half the list needed to point out my
mistake to me! 8-)

Jeff <*\\><
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