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Re: Nothing under the gravel

Like Merrill I have two tanks with just plain gravel and both are doing
well.  On the 10 I have 60 watts of light, 2 triton and 2 vita lite, just
3 kuhli loaches and 4 cardinals.  There has never been any algae problem,
in fact almost anything does great in the tank and I am working on growing
a lileaplois lawn.  THis tank has been up for almost 3 years.  No
laterite, a recent addition of some Jobes, the Delaware plant tabs and
Kent plant food.  COuldn't be happier with this tank.  I do have a 90
which has been the opposite even though I have the kitty litter/sand

So for me the "sterile" gravel with nothing has been awesome.

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