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vermiculite rationale?

	I started my pure gravel 29 gal planted about a month ago (prior
to reading APD) and I am starting to see signs of slower growth in the
majority of my plants.  I am going to wait a bit more till I feel
justified in tearing down the tank, but I've been preparing for it, and
I like J. Kelly's substrate.  However, I don't have access to soil that
I'm comfortable with (apartment dweller in NJ!).

	My understanding of the use of soil in vermiculate is to get a
more optimal substrate particle size, not b/c of any nutrients that the
soil might have.  So I was thinking of using kitty litter mixed in with
the verm. to gain that optimal particle size, not to mention the fact
that it would be a little cleaner, esp when uprooting plants, etc.   

	Has anyone tried this? 

	Also, what are the actual mechanics of tearing down a tank?  Are
we just talking about a whole lot of buckets and wet carpet?  Any way to
make the job a bit easier/cleaner?