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Hello everyone,

I have a question about a type of lighting I haven't heard of before. 
It is calle OS Ram.  I don't know what OS Ram stands for, but it is used
on a display tank at my local fish store and really looks great.  It is
a two bulb unit which can support two white or blue bulbs, or a
combination.  The one I saw had one of each and really brought out the
color of the fish and plants.  Supposedly, a twenty-four inch unit is
the equivalent of approximately eight 30W fluorescent bulbs.  Does
anyone have any experience or info on these lights?  I was told that
plants do very well in terms of growth, and like I said, the tank looked
great.  The price for a retrofit unit for my hood is $209 (on sale). If
anyone could give me some input, I'd really appreciate it.

Brian Brinson