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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #188

Subject: Cryptocoryne parva
>Does anyone have a lead on Cryptocoryne parva.  I want a start of this
>plant and am willing to pay for the shipping if someone is willing to send
>a portion of their stock.
>Or, does anyone know where I can order this plant.

I've ordered it several times, but it has never been shipped.  I'd be
interested if anyone else has a known source as well.


>Subject: Cycled Tank Question II

>Part II:  Is it better to cycle with or without plants?

There is absolutely no good reason to "cycle" a tank that is meant to be a
planted tank without plants.  All you do is pre-load the water with nitrate
and phosphate, making it more likely that you will have early algae
problems.  If you want, for safety sake, to have a good bacterial bed from
the beginning, run the filter on an established tank for 2-4 weeks first.  

>        -Is cycling with plants guaranteed to prolong the cycle?

There's hardly anything about aquariums that is guaranteed ;-)


Subject: Watersprite

>I have a few Watersprite planted in a tank that is about 3months old and has
>DYI CO2. The Watersprite are growing very nicely -BUT- they have become just
>a mess of roots all trying to find their way to the gravel. When you look at
>that area it just reminds you of a very elaborate spider web.
>My question is has the plants gone wild or is this a natural occurrence.
>Once again I am very pleased in the way that a few plants have filled in an
>area but would like not such a mess.

It is natural for plants to grow roots.  You can either get used to the
look, or you can plant lower growing foreground plants infront of the
offending roots.

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association