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Substrate for Aponogeton rigidifolious

Hello everyone,
I'm new to the group but I've been here for over a year really. My water
has a KH of 1.5 and finding tolerent species of plants is challenging. So
far, Bolbitis heudelotii is doing well. I'm considering getting Aponogeton
rigidifolius as it needs a KH of between 1 and 3 dCH according to Barron's
Aquarium Plants Manual and Hans A. Baensch's Aquarium Atlas 2. I will be
buying it from Tropica but what bothers me is that on the Tropica website
they state that it needs a well fertilized ground while the two books I've
just mentioned say the exact opposite, that there must be practically no
nutrients. Who is right? Also, Tropica's "Tiger" Vallisneria is supposed to
tolerate soft water according to the website description of it but I'm
wondering if anyone has had experience with what this variety of
vallisneria likes.  With the soft water that I have I'd be asking for
biogenic decalcification with other types of vallisneria for sure. Thanks
for your help.