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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #188

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> Date: Tue, 7 Apr 1998 10:35:07 PST8PDT
> From: "Darrell Roze" <roze at excaliber_commerce.ubc.ca>
> Subject: ricca and java moss
> If a problem with getting the java moss and ricca to hold together is
> the java moss flipping, would it be better to just grow them in a
> shallow container and just let them grow together instead of worrying
> keeping them sandwiched together?

   I suspect the Riccia would still float to the top, and the Java Moss to the bottom. Actually, the flipping is not a big problem, you just need to check it daily. I do suggest that you keep the Java Moss in as thin a layer as you can get it when you start. I try to start with about an inch of Riccia on both sides of the Java Moss, but that quickly changes as these
two plants have there own idea of where how much of each belongs.  It may work just as well to try and keep the Java Moss on top of the Riccia for a week or so and then forget to check it for a month or so like I did.  The Java Moss should go to the bottom (of the clump) and the Riccia to the top and when it's ready you should have a nice  thick Riccia mat like I
ended up with that can be used on top of the substrate.  At least I think you should be able to. I haven't found enough bare substrate anywhere to try it so I'm still floating the chunk.
  The one piece that I did  attach to the bottom is now about 7 1/2" high and 5 " wide. Now that I removed that big slab of Riccia from the surface I' m hoping the extra light will increase the size quicker on this planted glob.
 A side note about Riccia. The biggest grower that I know of that has Riccia is in Florida. As soon as the water warms up (which is about now) the Riccia disappears until next winter.

> It sounds like a really good idea to grow these two plants together.
> I was wondering what they look like.  Does it look primarily like a clump of
> ricca?

You have to look hard to see the Java Moss. I hope some others try this and have the same success. It is gorgeous.

Dan Quackenbush
All Aquatic Plants