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ricca and java moss

If a problem with getting the java moss and ricca to hold together is 
the java moss flipping, would it be better to just grow them in a 
shallow container and just let them grow together instead of worrying 
keeping them sandwiched together?

It sounds like a really good idea to grow these two plants together.  
I was wondering what they look like.  Does it look primarily like a clump of 

> > > From: Dan Q <dqallwet at avana_net>
>   I'm not sure. I didn't use the light to see what effects it would have on Riccia. I put the Riccia in there to experiment on a way to
> keep it attached longer to the bottom than the typical 30- 50 days I believe were generally reported here in the APD . My idea was to
> sandwich Java Moss between thin layers of Riccia.  My thinking was that Riccia can't hold on to anything, but maybe enough Java Moss can
> attach to the Riccia so the whole clump can be dragged to the bottom.
>   The first step was to get the two to bind together floating at the surface. Keeping the Java Moss between the 2 layers of Riccia takes
> some daily maintenance as the Java Moss is heavier and has a tendency flip to the bottom of the heap.  After several weeks of this I
> could grasp the Java Moss and pull it and the Riccia out of the water in one nice clump. At that point I pulled the clump to the bottom
> and placed a small lava stone on a corner of the Java Moss to hold it down. This clump has now stayed together for several months and
> grown considerably with no signs of breaking apart. 

- Darrell