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Re: plastic plants

> Date: Wed, 25 Mar 1998 06:46:59 -0500
> From: Kelly <apples at midohio_net>
> My husband is under the impression that the plastic plants would look
> just as good in a tank if you did it right and got the good looking ones
> and be less hassle and cheaper!  I have to agree on the last 2, but I
> was wondering if there are any pictures on the web of a heavily planted
> plastic tank VS a heavily planted real tank that I could show him?  He
> understands the benefial parts of real plants.

One aspect of real plants that your husband may not have thought of, is
that while plastic plants can only deteriorate, live plants multiply.
Not only can you fill your own and your friends' tanks with plants for
a fairly small investment in the starts, but you can trade plants to
your LFS for credit.  In less than 2 years I've gotten all three volumes 
of Baensch, an electronic heater, a few pounds of frozen brine shrimp, 
some unusual (expensive) plants and miscellaneous other stuff just by thinning
out my surplus Limnobium and water sprite.  I'm really amazed at how willing
stores are to take what would otherwise be compost.  These weedy plants
are pretty much paying for the hobby for me.