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Re: Please help, giving up!!!

Bebbetufs  wrote:
>Hi all! This will be a long, and sad, post! please read it anyway!!!
thanks. Over the last six months I've had more trouble with my
aquarium than ever in my life before :-( and I'm at the brink of
giving up altogether.

> snip

Sounds like the only thing you didnít try was a little patience.  In
six months time you have tried a few fertlizers, changed lighting
intensity,  added then removed CO2, are playing with iron additions
,added more fish, are constantly changing the water and tried an
algaecide.  I think you need to be a little more patient to see what
really works.

>Then I boiled all the gravel and the roots.

A curious treatment - Is it really surprising your plants suffered
from it? 

>iron: now this is strange, it seems like no matter how much I put in,
it never rises above (or even close to) 0.5 ppm

Unless you have one of the more expensive iron test kits I would not
believe the readings. You may be adding way too much iron. Lacking a
good kit, I would use one of the commercial additives and add it at
the low end or even below the recommended dosage.

>See you all! and better luck to you with your hobby

Iíve had by planted tank for a little over a year now and couldnít be
more pleased with my success.  While luck may have played a small
role, I know my success so far has been primarily do to the
information I found in the Krib and the APD.  From these I was able
select an initial setup along with parameters that I could measure and
hopefully control.  Take time to study the material in these
sources(it will take a lot less time than changing water every few
days), select an approach and stick with it. 

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