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intended set up

		Hi guys,
	Well, I finally figured it out I think. My tank will set up as 
				55gal all glass 48 x 20 high x 12 wide
				substrata: bottom 1/3 black volcanic gravel 1/2 inch
				bvg mixed with arcilite and river gravel 1 inch 
				upper soil mix arcilite with river gravel
		lighting: 4 40 watt .......2 daylight    2 trichromatic
				DIY yeast CO2 bubbled into intake
				Ehiem canister filter 
	how does it sound so far? is the light enough?and what is CO2 safe
tubing?also any recomendations on nutrient sources
and one more thing     where do I find the formula to PMDD
as usual   thanks for the support        Daryl