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Cycled Tank Definition


OK - so a buddy and I were discussing tank cycling and we discovered that
the term is not well defined.  So, in response to our find, I would like to
pose the question to the group.  This question is valid because it does
involve plants as a viable option in the answer.

What is the definition of a cycled tank?
        -Does this definition include the water column?
        -Does this definition include a complete, thriving colony of

          consuming/converting bacteria?
        -Is a cycled tank one that has just been set-up, new water, but
contains a sponge from a cycled

        -Does a cycling tank _need_ plants, do they help the process be
completed faster, are there
          disadvantages to cycling with plants?

Let's discuss this point because I am sure that most of us have differing
responses to the proposed question.  This is a serious post, so, serious
responses only please.

        Tired of stupid, non-plant, argumenative threads.

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