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Water chestnut (Trapa natans)

>Date: Sun, 05 Apr 1998 21:29:20 -0400
>From: "Sibastien Amodeo" <m231674 at er_uqam.ca>
>To: aquatic-plants at actwin_com, m231674 at er_uqam.ca
>Subject: Water chestnut (Trapa natans)
>Hello all!
>I'm a master's student (environmental sciences) at the University of
>Quibec in Montrial, and our team is researching the possibility of using
>the water chestnut (Trapa natans) as a possible way of removing surplus
>phosphorus in an eutrophic lake. We have chosen this plant because it is
>also a non-native aquatic plant causing problems with lake users.
>We need the most information possible on this plant, especially
>concerning its reproduction, life cycle, and anything related to
>nutrient (particularly phosphorus) uptakes.
>Our idea was to restrain the plants in a certain area, using a dyke or
>specially designed fences, and to collect the plants once they have
>grown. The collected plants could then serve as compost or other uses.
>If anyone has any ideas, suggestions, remarks, or experience that could
>be helpful, please contact me directly (I'm not on the mailing list).
>Thank you very much!
>Sibastien Amodeo
>m231674 at er_uqam.ca