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My Final Thoughts.

First, my apologies for continuing this thread. I realize the topic has
been closed by our adminstrator, but I would like to put a peaceful end to
all of this, so we can better continue with what we all love to do and
that's keeping aquatic plants.  First, although easily mistaken, my
orignal post was meant to be a sharing of a great deal, of which I thought
a lot of people could relate to.  You see, I am a senior at Western
Washington University and not suprisingly have no money and usually pay
more money into my fish hobby every month than buying food for myself.  As
you know, keeping fish and aquatic plants in a serious way is not for
those without money....nevertheless, my *deal* at Petsmart in finding 35
Anubia congensis for $1.49 each was just that, a great deal! Especially
for a poor college kid who now could play with 35 awesome plants.  Just
to clarify, I did not steal.  You can twist it anyway you like.  There
were no other price tags that said Anubia...nor have I ever seen them in
that store before!  Yes, I guessed that they had goofed in a big way, but
I don't feel I have an overwhelming duty to society to point out
everyone's mistakes, especially in the retail world.  Finally, I find it
quite disgusting if not surprising that you would all berate me (in some
cases multiple times by the same people) and send me such things as quotes
from the bible, calling me a communist, a thief, a criminal, etc
etc....come on people.  Surely we can all get excited about this and yes,
it's easy to mistaken things on email...they come across in different ways
to different people...but let's calm down.  Once again, my goal was to
voice my excitement about these great plants and the fact I got a great
deal.  I am sure that *IF* this was a mistake by Petsmart, it won't hurt
anybody's retirement fund, send me to hell, or alienate me from society.
Now, we are all fairly intelligent people with a great common interest.
Let's put this behind us and talk about aquatic plants. My apologies for
taking up bandwith with this and previous off-topic post/responses. -Tom