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??Stolen Plants???

C'mon, guys. Give it a rest. I for one can do without the holier-than-thou
stuff. The kid did NOT "steal the plants." He purchased them. He has a cash
receipt for them. The price seems way too low, but NONE OF US KNOWS THAT FOR A
FACT.  Sounds a lot like Sour Grapes to this old guy. And, BTW, the kid could
sue your buns off for accusing him of theft. 

I have gotten some really great deals from such folks as Wal-Mart, Pet Supply
Company, etc. I have also gotten some pretty lousy deals. For instance, their
prices for light bulbs and filters are NOT better than anybody else. I have
often purchased fish and yes, plants, and even after VERY polite inquiry, was
assured that the posted price was correct. I have also SOLD fish, plants,
etc., to such places, and they passed on some great savings to customers. 

So, chill. Let it go. He wasn't bragging, he was just rejoicing at what
appeared to be unexpected good fortune. 

And, am I the ONLY one to notice the amazing correlation of this thread with
the first day of the fourth month?  Methinks perhaps our leg is being pulled.
And, me oh my, aren't we rising to the bait.  :-)


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