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Anubius Wrestlers

About the guy who "stole" the Anubius from the big $billion store. I
occasionally stop by those places to see what they have. Both Petsmart and
PETCO. One day I spied a tankful of large unlabeled Anubius selling at around
$2 apiece. I asked the not-so-dumb clerk and he said sure, he knew what they
normally sell for. Turns out, their distributor occasionally sends a bunch of
the stuff marked to sell at that price. According to the clerk himself, "who
am I to argue?" So I bought some and gloated over my "steal" in good
conscience. I suspect that's what happened to Tom, he just thought he was
pulling a fast one.

I also think it's great these large chains buy plants in enough bulk to offer
these occasional "steals". Just propogate those Anubius, donate some to a
local plant auction, and your karma should be back where it was, IMHO.