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Stupid Employees, AKA too good to be true deals

Whoa, folks!  There is too little information here to flame our colleague.
That may well have been the intended price, even though it seems to good to be

Stores sometimes get great deals. I have purchased plants that normally
retailed for $25.00 for $5.00 apiece from a very knowledgeable local dealer,
who led me to them and pointed them out, saying "I got a fantastic deal on
these, and I am passing it along.  Enjoy!"

You are not morally obligated to argue with the employees, or to tell them
stuff is under priced. That is the owner's job. If you want to call him up and
ask if he knows how cheaply they are selling something, you may certainly do
so. I can assure you that your efforts to tell him how to run his business may
NOT be appreciated!

I bought some SAEs from the local Wal-Mart yesterday, for a buck sixty apiece.
They had some Australian Rainbows mixed in with their danios, and I pointed
this out. To the Pet area Manager, no less. They were also a buck sixty. "So,
what happened?" you ask, "Were they happy that you pointed this out?" 

NO!!! What he said was, "Look, I don't need any wise ass coming in here and
getting all superior. OK??" 

"Sorry," I said, "I thought perhaps it was just a mistake, and was just
pointing it out." 

"No, it isn't a mistake," he grouched, "This is Wal-Mart, and WE SELL FOR
LESS.  I got a good deal on them from my supplier. Why are you upset at
getting a good deal?" 

"Oh," I said, "No problem. I will just pay for my fish and be happy. Have a
nice one!"

I paid for my fish and LEFT. I expect I will lose about half of the SAEs, if
my previous experiences with Wally World hold true. That still will be an
acceptable price. 

I have had many similar experiences in small stores. Generally speaking, store
owners do NOT appreciate you pointing out price oddities. 

"Your Mileage May Vary."

Now, can I buy some of those Anubias from you? That was a pretty good deal.
Not fantastic, I have gotten better, but pretty good!

Remember, George got some DUPLA stuff at half price! 

Cheers all,

JOLson8590 at AOL_com
Jean Olson