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>hi .. its me again .. mike .. i recently aquired a bunch of
>"WILLOW MOSS" .. as the one who sold it calls it .. Can someone
>please tell me how to care for and propagate this ... the 
>person told me that it cannot be propagated .. i got it tied 
>down to a piece of rock .. which i presume is the way it is 
>supposed to be ...

If it can't be propagated... how did they get it ;-)

In my experience, as well as the experince of the New England Aquarium
staff, if is no more difficult to propagate than Java Moss, although it
does prefer cooler water.  I happen to grow it partially emersed on the
waterfall of my paludarium, but at the NEA (where I got my original
culture) it grows both at the waters edge and in deeper water in a number
of cool water exhibits.

I did lose it during a heat wave several years ago when temperatures
remained in the 90's or higher for about 6 weeks.  I got some more to
replace the original, and it has survived the last 2 summers, even if it
gets a bit brown around the edges.

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association