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Hi, I'm from the New York area. I have a problem with my plants. The leaves are turning to yellow. There are also yellow spots on old leaves. This is a newly set-up tank, only 3 month. I'm using Tetra's Flora Pride and Miracle Grow. Even though the Miracle Grow contain Ammonia and Phosphorous, but I don't have any algae problem. There were only some algae growth, but I have my Otto to clean them up. The tank is 20 g and is densely planted with 6 neon tetras, 4 Otto, 1 Honey Gouramis, and 1 Krib. I want to switch another fertilizer, but don't know which brand is better and more complete in trace elements. There are three products I'm considering: Seachem's Flourish, Hagen's Plant Gro, Aquarium Products' Flora Boost, and Kent Marine's plants trace supplement with Iron. Could anyone suggest which one is better and why. Either email me, or post the information on the Aquatic Plant Digest.