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Re: new member

Thomas Moeller <n9345228 at cc_wwu.edu> wrote:

> Petsmart is a $billion+ national chain with more
> than enough capital and over-inflated prices...

Ah yes, the Robin Hood ethic: if you steal from Huge Monolithic
Faceless Evil Corporate Entities, it's not *really* stealing.  Besides,
they probably got their millions by cheating the customer, it's only
right to cheat 'em back.

Petsmart does do some things right.  For example, they do not sell dogs
or cats, but instead donate space to local humane shelters, and they
give money to programs to spay/neuter dogs and cats.  They have a goal
of ending euthanasia of unwanted pets.

> with substandard fish: thus the name "Deathmart" or "Nitrate City".


The plants at the local Petsmart are in generally decent shape, and
some of the employees are even knowledgable and can identify the
plants.  I'm amazed at their gonzo selection of fish, but I do get
dismayed when I see a tankful of dead white clouds.  They're not quite
as bad as Wal-Mart, though.

What's the experience elsewhere?  The selection and pricing is hard
to beat, though the quality at one of the "local" stores is almost
always better.  YMMV.

I generally do my shopping at the local fish club auction or at one of
the local stores.  Petsmart probably started out as a mom and pop.  The
individual stockholders are certainly mom's and pops, and even
institutional investors represent fundholders (such as myself) who are
saving up for their retirement.  And the "idiot" clerk is at least
trying to make an honest buck.

Richard "sorry about the rant, communists just rub me wrong" Masoner
in Champaign Illinois where it's cold and rainy.