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Profile Aquatic Plant Soil

I bought some Profile Aquatic Plant Soil and am using it, straight, in a small
windowbox planter in my office.  The planter is full of water, like a
mini-marsh, and sits on a window sill.  It contains cuttings of giant
Hygrophila from my home tanks, some Mexican oak leaf and Bacopa which I
purchased from PetsMart (paid full price for those ;-), and lots of duck
weed.  I never change the water in this planter but top it off with the water
that I siphon out of my 5 and 1/2 gallon tiny tank (plants, shrimp, a couple
of small platys) during weekly water changes.  I also put a couple of Jobe's
houseplant spikes in the planter a while back, but other than that I practice
"benign neglect".  My reward is that all of the plants are doing well,
growing emersed, and little violet flowers are actually starting to open on
the giant Hygro (something which I haven't been able to achieve at home). 
Anyway, the Profile is supposed to be for pond plants, not aquariums.  The
price is a little steep, so I assume it is meant to be used only with potted
plants, not as an overall substrate, although I might try it as substrate for
a "barrel pond" I am planning for my deck.  I do like the fact that it sinks
readily and doesn't remain suspended in the water column like soil.

Jonathan in sunny Maryland

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