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Re: water?

     >Now for water, I am suspect of tap water to the extent I don't drink 
     >it myself sooo, what are anyones thoughts on lake water? Bottled 
     >water? Pros and cons
     OK.  I'll bite.
     Why are you suspicious of your tap water?  It would be really helpful 
     for us to know some basic parameters (e.g., hardness, phosphates, 
     etc.)  Your municipal water supply can give you a detailed waer 
     quality report upon request.
     If your tap water comes from the lake, then lake water wouldn't really 
     be an improvement.  Bottled water is waaaay expensive, and is often 
     variable in it's mineral content (e.g, can be distilled, RO, spring 
     water, or tap water from municipalities with superior water supplies 
     (read the label!))  For example, the cities of Fort Worth and Houston, 
     Texas bottle their water and sell it.  No kidding.