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more ?

		Hello again,
	So, no responce to my question on water. I spent an hour online last night
searching through the Pet Warehouse catolog for Duplarite with no little
amount of frustrstion and no product.Any other suggestions for a resource of
laterite? As far as water is concerned, I filled the 55 gal last evening and
woke this am to find a luxurient growth of algea already begun after only 1and
halh hours daylight.(the tank is outside) I will cover it with black plastis
till next week, as it contains a piece of driftwood I'm trying to waterlog.
And on the plants for free
debate, may I remind all that in the early 80s the corperate pet retailers
mounted an aggressive campaign, effectively putting the small aquarium stores
out of buisiness and sending most of us to catalogs to shop for our needs.
Laterite, I need Laterite!!!  thanks               Daryl