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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #177

>these people are dumb.  The girl behind the counter was on her second
>Poor thing.  I say, so how much are those plants there? As I point to
>anubias...she goes I'm not sure, but let me check...and calls to some
>other idiot. They don't know and I point to the $1.49 sticker and say,
>that looks to be it if I may so! Ok, they say, how many would you like?
>say I'll have them all.  I got 35 of these Anubias for $1.49.  I cooked
>out of there and it made my day! Great deal.  Our local plant shop
>them for uhh, $18.99 and lower depending on species and size. Deluxe!"

I can't believe that anyone would do something like this, and then brag 
about it, or even let anyone know they did this. Loss of integrity like 
this effects everyone who buys anything. That was a big loss to the 
store and they have to make it up somewhere. Guess where? That's right, 
higher prices for everyone. So... congratulations. You stole from the 
store and didn't get caught. I guess it does make some people's day. I'm 
glad I don't know you.

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