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Re: Trying new substrate method

> Date: Wed, 1 Apr 1998 15:49:40 -0700
> From: "Kevin Newsome" <knewsome at csi_com>
> I wouldn't use that much laterite if I were you. I used a 500 gram bag 
> in my 55 gallon show tank. After a year I had to tear the tank down to 
> move it. I couldn't beleive how much of that red clay was still in the 
> gravel. I would only use one bag. 

If you use the correct amount or half of the correct amount, you will still have 
lots of "red clay still in the gravel".  Do you think this stuff evaporates?  
The fine red clay provides binding sites for nutrients.  That's the way it's 
supposed to work.  

> I'm setting up a 100 gal (60 X18X20) 
> plant tank right now. I plan on using a 150 pounds of Seachem's Flourite 
> and one 240 gram bag of Dupla Laterite and one 2000gram bag of 
> Aqualine's Terralit mixed with the Flourite. What does everyone think of 
> that combination. Besides that it is expensive:)

Given that Flourite OR Duplarit (that's 250 grams, BTW) OR Terralit are 
sufficient by themselves (according to their respective purveyors), using all 
three is overkill. Why do you think more is better?  This isn't horsepower, 
folks, this is biology. 

Just for the record, none of the long term advice givers here on APD have ever 
suggested combining all of the various substrate techniques into one mess. Find 
someone who YOU think is giving good advice, look at the photos of their tanks 
for "proof of concept" then follow THEIR advice only. The recently attempted 
KarenPaulGeorgeSteveRogerDavidNeilErikJimBobOlgaDon (AKA Alphabet Soup) approach