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Re: Light

Hans Sandén asked

>The question is should I get those ordinary Halogen lights or should
I upgrade the fluorescent hood so I can get in 10 bulbs warm white
with total light wattage of 300W.

Halogen lamps are a good idea if you are interested in supplemental
electric heating of your home. They are incandescent lamps in which
more than 90% of the energy ends up as heat. Fluorescent lamps will
produce the equivalent amount of usable light for about ¼ of the energy.

We are in a hobby that can require the use of a fair amount of energy.
 It seems to me that we should be concerned with this and try to use
the most energy efficient products available.  Also in the long run
using incandescent lighting will cost you more.

Although I have been involved for many years with the manufacturing of
tungsten and molybdenum products that go into incadencent lamps, I
don’t use them for lighting my aquariums.

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