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new substrate

Hi everyone
Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.  I am glad that i asked for
your help before making a big mistake.  I guess I have read so much in the
past few months that I was thinking that combining some of the "good points"
of the various methods would would be a good thing.   Well I got the

George - I did not mean to "misinterpret" your advice. What I was thanking
you for was learning that plain tap water could be used without the tons of
chemicals that most books and stores tell us we have to use to condition our
water - especially since my water does not contain any chloramines.

And I certainly did not mean to over look anyone who has contributed to the
vast source of info that we have
- thanks to all who have taken the time to share your experiences so that
the rest of us can have the chance to make a good start or mid course

Steve - I understand what you told me and will adjust my plan accordingly -
one more question - how much of the micronized iron do i use - i have a
plastice cup of the stuff that is about "pint size".  Thanks.

Frank - I am in Burlington and would love to see your tanks sometime -
thanks for the invitation.

By the way fellas,  I am a "she" not a he.  My momma wanted a boy and gave
me the only name she had picked out even though I did'nt have all the
"parts" she expected!

Thanks again - I am learning!

Kevin Reavis
kevinreavis at msn_com
and yes it seems that summer has come to NC
thank goodness