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a few comments on PROFILE Professional Aquatic Plant Soil

We bought a couple bags of this to try, since it's only about $10/bag
here in Hawaii.  Put it in a 90 gal., covered with about an inch of #3
gravel.  The grain size is about the size of beach sand (not the really
fine stuff that gets airborne when it's windy), and there is a variety
of grain colors (beige, tan, brown).  Although the grains all
immediately sank, they seem to be mixing in with the gravel and some of
it inevitably gets siphoned out whenever we vacuum.

The tank is still unfinished, no lights yet except for room light.  We
have a few anubias, java fern, java moss, a random assortment of fish,
driftwood, and a Fluval Internal 3 filter in it.  No substrate
fertilizers and just a little Seachem Flourish whenever we remember.
Although it's hard to say how it would help or hurt a finished planted
tank, the plants and fish we have in there are all doing fine and have
been in there for maybe 5 months now.

We personally wouldn't use it again because of how its coming up to the
surface of the substrate, but it may not bother you.

BTW, it's sold as a soil for pond lilies rather than aquariums.

Wade Shimoda