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Tampa Bay Aquarium Society's 98 Show

The Tampa Bay Aquarium Society's 98 Show is this up coming weekend,
April 4th and 5th,  at the Florida Aquariumn   The hours will be during
normal Florida Aquarium hours on Saturday (9 AM-5 PM) and Sunday(10 AM-
5 PM).

There are over 300 fish entered into the show (best viewed on Saturday,
some will be auctioned on Sunday).  There will be manufacture's booths;
which they will  show and tell about some new filters and foods and
stuff they make or sell.

On Saturday there will some great workshops in class room A, the list
    10 AM  Dr. Bill Falls:     Goldfish and beyond
    11 AM  Patty Moncrief: Basic Aquarium Set Up, with some great tips.
    12 AM Dan Patterson:  Filtration for the Home Aquarium
    1 PM Harry Grier:          Photographing the Aquarium
    2 PM Mike Jacobs and Jim Greenwald:  Fish and The Internet
    3 PM Bill Shields:           Live Foods for Your Fish
    4 PM Dr. Roy Yanong:  Keeping Fish Healthy and Happy

Sunday starting at about 11 AM will be a large Auction.  There are
donations from fish and plants farmers,  manufacturers and local
Fish/Pet stores.
There are always great deals to be had at any of our auctions (the TBAS
has monthly auctions also at our meetings at the FLAQ).  At this auction

some of the show fish will go, too.

There will a raffle of a 90 gallon tank with wooden stand  with glass
covers.  The tickets for this will $1 a piece or 6 for $5. You do not
have to be there to win just fill out the info on the back of the
we'll call you with good news if you win.
   Thank You,     JiM C.