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Trying new substrate method

"Kevin Reavis" <kevinreavis at email_msn.com> wrote:
Substrate: (thanks Steve)
Bottom layer - 2 bags flourite + 2 large boxes dupla laterite 
I wouldn't use that much laterite if I were you. I used a 500 gram bag in my 55 gallon show tank. After a year I had to tear the tank down to move it. I couldn't beleive how much of that red clay was still in the gravel. I would only use one bag. I'm setting up a 100 gal (60 X18X20) plant tank right now. I plan on using a 150 pounds of Seachem's Flourite and one 240 gram bag of Dupla Laterite and one 2000gram bag of Aqualine's Terralit mixed with the Flourite. What does everyone think of that combination. Besides that it is expensive:)