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new member!

Hi folks! I have rejoined now that I'm back from my saltwater hobby.  I'm
now back into the natural aquarium.  I am in the process of setting up a
75 gallon wide and a 65 tall.  I will be asking questions on substrate and
lighting....I have a few other plant tanks but for the 75 I want to go all
out.  Anyway, here's a funny story.  The other day I'm in Petsmart (known
as Deathmart) and they had just got in a shipment of plants.  I spy a big
load of Anubia congensis.  My eyes get wide.  I look at the price tags,
there are about threee for about 7 different types of plants.  oObviously
these people are dumb.  The girl behind the counter was on her second day.
Poor thing.  I say, so how much are those plants there? As I point to the
anubias...she goes I'm not sure, but let me check...and calls to some
other idiot. They don't know and I point to the $1.49 sticker and say,
that looks to be it if I may so! Ok, they say, how many would you like? I
say I'll have them all.  I got 35 of these Anubias for $1.49.  I cooked
out of there and it made my day! Great deal.  Our local plant shop sells
them for uhh, $18.99 and lower depending on species and size. Deluxe!
Well, thanks for the great list and I look forward to many wonderful
discussions! -Tom