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QYNGA - bulb change

I long ago posted a query concerning a filter change that
Never Got Answered, and this is a follow-up.

I have recently acquired a fluidized bed filter for the
sole purpose of lowering the general hardness of my water
column in my 240G tank. Since the tank is 36" deep, I have
been utilizing GE Chroma75 bulbs because they have a larger
spike in the blue spectrum which should reach to the bottom
of the tank. Given that reducing the general hardness
should in effect decrease the density of the water, will
this affect the spectrum of light that filters to the bottom
of the tank? My guess is that it should, and I have been
considering switching to the GE Chroma50 bulbs. I am most
concerned about the effect this might have on my Anubias
coffeeafolia. George, maybe you can tackle this last point?

Eric Deese
Springfield Nuklear Hortikultural Akademy

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