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Substrate q: and brown stuff

I'm in the process of (slowly) setting up a 25 gallon high planted
tank. I'm currently deciding on what I should use as a substrate. The
local store sells a product called 'Terralit'. What is this stuff
exactly? Does anyone have any thoughts as to how well this would work?
I've also been reading about Steve Pushak's substrate method, and I may
go that route. Any and all thought appreciated. TIA!

	Also, in my 10G tank, there is a thin brown crud covering some of the
leaves. Any ideas as to what this stuff is and how I can get rid of it?
Is it a form of cyanobacteria? Tank specs are:

10g tank, been setup for 2 years
lighting: 1 14W powerglo fluorescent tube
1 clown pleco, 3 emperor tetras
1 aquaclear mini filter, UGF w/powerhead
Terralit in lower 1/3rd of substrate
a bunch of snails
a bunch of plants


Jesse Mathies
Surrey, British Columbia
mailto:jessem at direct_ca