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Substrate circulation

Hi all,

I currently have a 60 gal tank with 220W Aquasuns, CO2, UGF and DuplaritK
laterite balls which is doing quite well (with a jungle look however). I
just got a new 115 gal tank and I wanted to use this time granular laterite
(DuplaritG) and no UGF. My question is, if I dont use a UGF,  will I need
heating cables to provide water circulation under the substrate? If no UGF
or heating cables are used, will the substate go anaerobic and "spoil"? I
will be using 3 inches of 3mm gravel. Do any of you have had a similar setup
(gravel/laterite, no UGF, no UGH) for over a year?


Guillermo Vega-Toro
gvega at gte_net