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Green Water Revisited.

I have a 29 gallon that has had every known calamity befall it-blue green
algae, beard algae, hair algae. I finally had the tank flourishing with
Crystal Val, Corkscrew Val, an Amazon sword, Cape Fear Spatterdock, chain
swords, and Jungle Val.

About a month ago it developed the worst case of green water I have ever
seen. I literally couldn't see the plants anymore. I turned out the light
for 4 days but this had absolutely no effect on it.

What I finally did was buy some of that product sold to clear up cloudy
water. I used 2 or 3 doses of this and got to the point where I could
dimly see the plants and SAEs. I then turned the light out and covered the
tank with a blanket for 4 days and this seems to have cured things. I did
lose all of the Vals but the Spatterdock and Amazon Sword seem to have
survived OK.

I wonder what is next in this tank, a fire? LOL.

      -Gerry Skau
       ANS BigDial Engineering