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Jade swords revealed

     Several months ago I posted a QYNGA about jade swords (what is it, 
     what are the requirements, etc.).  Now, I am able to respond to 
     myself.  Pretty pathetic, eh?
     I have positively identified my jade sword as E. horemanni.  I used 
     the Echinodorus key in Rataj and Horeman, and also mine is big enough 
     now so it looks exactly like the photo on page 189.
     This is a very handsome sword--dark jade green color with long 
     tapering leaves and distinct veination.  It was a little pricey 
     ($9.99--good thing I had enough store credit!), and sales were poor, 
     so I don't think my LFS will ever carry it again.  I better hang on to 
     it.  All my references indicate it is a very undemanding plant.
     Anyone else ever hear of E. horemanni sold under the name "jade