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Dupla Laterite article in TAG

Did anybody read the interesting article "Latierite and Aquaristics" in
the latest TAG by Kaspar Horst? It is reprinted from Aquarium Heute
3/97. I'm glad Horst is explaining the theory behind the use of

One comment. Kaspar mentions aluminum toxicity as a problem in some
tropical laterite soils (laterite includes a very diverse range of
tropical weathered soils). 

It is my understanding that aluminum is not very soluble at typical pH.
According to an old message from Roger Miller, aluminum toxicity occurs
in acidic, non-organic soils probably at pH of 4-5. Perhaps some
tropical plants such as Cryptocorynes are more sensitive to aluminum
however I've never had much trouble growing large, healthy Crypts using
aluminum silicate type clay mixed with peat or earthworm castings.

Steve P in Vancouver where spring has sprung!