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E."Ozelot" mother plant

Hi all,(2 questions to follow)    I have E.Ozelot in my 120 which has sent out two flower stalks producing 17 babies I have removed 10 of these to give away and sell. On Saturday I had a request for 2 more from my lfs, the last ones I took there had 20-25, 8-10 inch leaves and I recieved $15 credit for each.     Q#1 Why does the node at the tip of the stalk produce bigger stronger plants faster than the others,when this is the last one to start producing?               I cut the end of one stalk off,  leaving behind 2 nodes with only  one daughter each ,to let them grow larger,this was about a month ago.                        Tonight I was going to remove and pot these for my "customer"when I noticed a flower stalk starting from the crown of one of these daughters, this plant has 15 leaves 7-10 inches tall,crown diameter about 1 inch roots about 15 inches long.                   Q#2 Is this normal for such a young plant? Can all daughters produce a flower stalk? Or is this wh!
ats known as a mother plant?                            It is about one month to the day since jobes 16-2-6 was put at the base of the mother plant.Has this caused this to happen?            Steve in Vancouver,who doesn't post but reads.My tank is the result of this list              Thankyou!                         P.S Keep the bible pushing off the list!!