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Fw: Jobe's Plant Spikes

> I have read several messages from the list referring to Jobe's Plant Food
> Spikes for ferns and palms to be used in the substrate of planted tanks.
> just bought some from the local garden centre but I need to know how to
> them. I am a newbie to aquaria plants so I hope my questions are not too
> dumb.
> I am using PMDD as per the recipe by Paul Sears and Kevin Conlin I
> from The Krib at the rate of 2 drops per 10 gals daily. My substrate is
> pool filter sand and the lighting 2 watts/gal fluoescent-12 hours /day.
> There is a light fish load.
> What is the best at to use the plant spikes?
> Do I insert them whole or should they be broken up?
> How many per plant?
> How often?
> TIA 
> Leo Reinhard
> lreinhard at sprint_ca