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The Desparate Cry for Help

Hello all knowledgeable aquarists,

A search of the Krib has revealed some advice, but as always some ?'s
remain unanswered.

My girlfriend and I returned from vacation a couple days ago to a 30 gal
disaster.  The black hair algae that we had been fighting for months is now
beyond control.  After much consideration we have set today aside to tear
down the tank and follow the recommended 5% bleach attack.  Obviously
glass, gravel and rocks are easily treated, and cleaned, but we are
wondering about the driftwood in the tank.  So far we have removed it and
boiled it for a bit.  I expect the algae is now dead, but it is still
covering the sticks.  Is it alright to bleach it as well and then
declorinate?  Or is this frowned upon due to the porosity of the wood?

Our plan is to use a 10 gal Q-tank with original tank water, with several
water changes over the next week or so to flush out the fish without too
much shock.  Then slowly rebuild the new water in the 30g so that we don't
loose to  much stock in the process.

Any and all tips would be greatly appreciated as we grovel before your
assembled experience.




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