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Re: Vals


>I've never received this many email posts. . . .
>. . .Because I've
>received about a dozen or so requests, it may be more than a couple of
>before I get around to everyone, but I'll be fair and send them on a first
>come first go basis.

If you run out I have plenty of extra here, both Italian and American. :)

>Also, I've never mail ordered plants. I thought that the best method of
>shipping them is to wrap them in wetted newspaper put inside a plastic
>Any other suggestions is welcomed.

I ship plants out all the time and that is how I do most of them, wrapped in newspaper
in a fish bag. As long as you aren't shipping huge quantities, or have lots of water
with them, they usually cost $3 (up to 2 pounds) or $4 (up to 3 pounds) to send
priority mail within the US. This should get them to their destination in 2 days but
sometimes takes 3 in more remote locations.


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