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Re: Dieffenbachia bausei

Steve Pushak wrote:

>Has anybody heard of an aquatic plant called Dieffenbachia bausei? There
>is an entry for that plant on the [Redacted] Aquatic Plant page at
>Rajendra Kumar in India sent me a picture of an aquatic plant which
>looks like a Dieffenbachia grown in water; maybe this is it.

Havn't heard of it, and the genus Dieffengachia is not mentioned in any of
my aquatic plant books, including Rataj & Horeman, which has a lot of very
marginal marsh plants listed. I bet it only does well emersed.  Hey! you
can get it for 12/$8.39.  I think someone is going to have to shell out the
money to find out about it. Not me.  I am a poor man, your majesty!

I noticed that [Redacted] has a short list of unsuitable plants for
aquaria that are nonetheless in demand in the aquarium trade.  The
Dieffenbachia is not on it.  I went ahead and sent a request for info about
the plant to Frank M. Greco at  pHrank2139 at msn_com, the author of the short

Paul Krombholz, in warm, windy central Mississippi.