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Ceratopteris and such

Not putting this forward as "Great Truth." :-)

Hortus Third lists Ceratopteris thalictroides and C. siliquosa as being the
same species.

Java Moss is not listed, but it mentions the Fontinalis group as having over
55 species. Not much help there, I am afraid. :-(

I have mislaid my New Britton and Brown, so can't look in there, either. 

Nothing like a little taxonomical dispute in the Spring of the year!

BTW, for whatever it is worth - one of the most respected taxonomists I ever
studied under always said it was unwise to let anyone find out how much you
thought you knew about anything. This was especially true when talking with
Garden Clubs. There is ALWAYS at least one person there who has forgotten more
than you ever knew about some plant or group of plants. Now, don't get all
upset, folks!! :-)  Will Rogers maintained that we all were ignorant, just
ignorant about different things. 

I have propagated and bloomed various temperate and tropical plants, including
aquatic ones, for about fifty years so far, and I don't know BEANS about it
yet!! In My Humble Opinion, one serious problem is the general lack of
available "Type Specimens" in Herbaria to compare a problem plant to. Another
is the general lack of good descriptions of the flowers in the Aquarium
literature, which is troublesome because the FLOWERS are the chief determinant
of Species classifications. 

Oh, well. :-)  


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I try to live one day at a time, but recently several days attacked me at
once.  :-(

This is one of those days when I feel one EDU short of a 32nd.

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((Anybody tried growing Arundo donax??))