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Kelly -

Laterite has the consistency of normal soil/dirt, and is clay
based, having lots of iron.

Flourite is also clay based, but it looks like normal
aquarium gravel. It is reddish-brown-black colored.

Each bag covers 217 in2 of area, 2 inches deep.
I needed around 2 1/2 bags for my 26 gallon 36in wide
tank. Your 120g tank will cost a fortune for the shipping
of the Flourite, let alone the cost of the Flourite itself.
Order more than you think you need, the gravel settles
and compacts.

According to Seachem, you don't need to use laterite
for your substrate, only Flourite. 

Search the archives for past postings on Flourite.

Seachem's web site on Flourish is:

On plastic plants, they look terrible!! Plus algae will quickly
make them even look worse.

Good Luck