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Re:R Miller, Re: CO2 sufficiency

        Roger, although I am still puzzling over your earlier co2
calculations... I think I understand most of your post this time!

Everyone, please correct me where I am wrong.

        'dave' has repeatedly posted that photosynthesis becomes co2
saturated at about 30mgl and George has posted that the Dupla ideal 15mgl
figure is a guesstimate in the middle of that range. (Is this a cogent
answer to your original query Steve?)
        'dave' has also explained how growth rate is determined by a ratio
of a plants respiration and photosynthesis.  So... what I observe when
watching my pH swings is simply my plants respiration and not necessarily a
particular amount of photosynthesis resulting in growth.
        Is observed respiration pertinent to knowing how well my tank is
doing? (In my tank I notice a lot of respiration with very slow growth,
pH6.75 to 7.25 dKH 5.)
        What sort of deficiency or inhibitor might retard growth and still
permit a lot of respiration?

Jeff Kropp